#042F: Test Smoke Alarms Poster
Educational Materials - Smoke Alarm Safety

042F: Test Smoke Alarms PosterFull-color poster - 22"x30" - A,B,D

This large poster is appropriate to display all year long.

  • It's a great way to encourage people to test their smoke alarm(s) once a month and replace the battery twice a year.
  • Working smoke alarms save lives by alerting people in time to safely escape a fire.
  • It is vital that batteries are never be taken out of an alarm to use in something else.
  • Help remind both adults and children by hanging this poster in key places in your community.

#072F Smoke Alarms on Call 24/7 Poster
Educational Materials - Annual Fire Prevention

72f Yearly Fire Safety Poster. The eye-catching 2015 poster reinforces the messages featured on the color sheet. These messages are vital since about half of home fire deaths result from fires reported when most people are asleep, between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Firepup® explains how smoke alarms protect people day and night, even when they are asleep. In fact, working smoke alarms cut the chances of dying in a reported fire in half.

#756F Set Water Heaters At 120°
Educational Materials - Burn Prevention


Full-color poster - A, B, D

Text: Set Water Heaters At 120?; They may be pre-set higher. Hot water may cause a 3rd Degree Burn . . . Scalds are the #1 cause of burn accidents to children up to age 5.