#216F Emergency Vehicles: Know What To Do In An Emergency
Educational Materials - General Fire Safety Materials

216F11x17, 2-Sided Fire Truck/EMS Vehicle and Safety Town Punch-out Activity Sheet - LE, D

Emergency vehicles are important in any town. With this activity, children can learn about emergency vehicles, including what to do if you hear or see an emergency vehicle, while creating their own Safety Town. Activity sheet comes complete with a reversible fire truck/EMS vehicle and a town skyline featuring a hospital, school, fire station, and apartment building, which all feature address numbers.

Vital fire safety concepts on Firepup®'s reversible stand-up cards include: Smoke Alarm, House Numbers, Fire Escape Plan, Know Two Ways Out of Every Room, School Fire Drill, Safe Meeting Place, and Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency.

This punch-out activity sheet can be assembled by folding. NO scissors or tape are required. A great tool for a well-rounded discussion about vital fire safety issues.

Topics:  Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency; Emergency Vehicles; Fire Escape Plan; House Numbers; Know Two Ways Out of Every Room; Safe Meeting Place; School Fire Drill; Smoke Alarms.